Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI)

Moscow State Aviation Institute (MAI)


Moscow State Aviation Institute (MAI) is one of the largest higher technical universities in Russia. It was founded in 1930 on the basis of several colleges involved in aircraft technologies in different universities of the country. Since then approximately one hundred thousand students have graduated from MAI. Practically there is no aviation organization in Russia where you could not meet a MAI graduate. Among them now well known aircraft and spacecraft designers R.Beliakov, B.Bunkin, A.Dondukov, V.Lapygin, S.Mikheev, V.Mishin, G.Novozhilov, M.Reshetnev, G.Severin, M.Tischenko, A.Tupolev(junior), V.Chepkin, cosmonauts A-lvanchenkov, V.Kubasov, V.Lebedev, S.Savitskaja, V.Sevastianov, V.Volkov and many others. 

MAI consists of eleven colleges: Aircraft Engineering; Flying Vehicles Engines; Control Systems,Informatics and Electroenergetics; Flying Vehicles Radio and Electronics; Economics and Management; Cosmonautics; Robotics and Intelligence Systems, Applied Mathematics and Physics; Applied Mechanics; the Humanities; Pre-lnstitute Training. Besides it includes Research Institute of the Applied Mechanics and Electrodynamics, Research Institute of Low Temperatures, design bureaus: “Light Aircraft”, “Thermoplane” (airships), “Iskra” (small space satellites) and others. MAI has also regional branches “Vzlet” (near Volgograd town), “Voskhod” (Baikonur), “Space Engineering” and “Space Engines” (Khimky town), “Strela” (Zhukovsky town), department in Taganrog town, educational and research airfield at Alferievo place (120 km from Moscow). Special experimental factory works as an industrial branch of institute. MAI takes part in two joint educational and research centers: one – with Russian Academy of Science (RAS) Mechanical Engineering Institute, and other – with RAS Institute of Mechanics. 

MAI has state accreditation for training engineers almost in forty specialities (sometimes each with several narrow specialization) as well as for candidate-of-Science (doctorate) post-graduate studentship in more than sixty specialties. The Aviation, Rocket and Space Technologies in Russia have always been well comparable with the highest world level. To some extent it is due to higher technical education system. The MAI boasts of its laboratories equipped with most up-to-date samples of airplanes (the Su-27 included), aircraft engines, space vehicles, control systems, avionics, radioelectronics etc., as well as with former ones which are of technical and design interest. In this respect the MAI is second to none of the universities in Western countries. 

Moscow Aviation Institute is widening cooperation with foreign universities, research institutions and firms. It is a member of IAF and supports studenVexpert exchange programs with France, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, USA, India, Brazil and other countries. 

Teaching at the institute is conducted in the Russian language. Russian language classes for foreign students in pre-institute college make adaptation easier for them. Normally the duration of education and training at the MAI amounts to 5 years and 6 months, for the full time students, and 5 years and 10 months, for the part time students. Students who have completed their st.